Serious illness Cover

Serious illness Cover is exactly that.

A life policy that pays out on the diagnoses of one of up to 30 different life threatening, certainly life changing conditions.  The big 3 conditions that the majority of claims are paid out on are;

  1. Heart Attack
  2. Cancer
  3. Stroke

Think of Serious Illness cover as a fully comprehensive life policy that is if diagnosed with a condition that is life threatening, your policy will pay out ensuring you have money to help get you back on your feet.  Without it can make recovery from any condition a lot harder.  Talk to us today!

Client Testimonial

 “We took out our mortgage through Flanagan Ford Financial Advisers in 2001.  At the time they advised us to take out serious illness cover, as well as life cover, for the mortgage.  In 2010, I was diagnosed with an invasive form of cancer and was able to claim against the serious illness cover I had.  You never think at the time that anything like a serious illness could happen to you, but when I was diagnosed with the illness there was comfort knowing that I had at least some financial security.  I was delighted with the advice that I was given and have since gone back to Flanagan Ford for further advice.”                             

                            Jackie - Sligo