Life Assurance - Have you got them covered?

While the world has changed considerably, the one thing that hasn’t changed is your need for financial security – in fact it has never been more important. We provide a series of comprehensive and cost effective protection plans offering you peace of mind when you need it most. This will pay you a lump sum or income amount if you become seriously ill or die.

There are many different protection plans to choose from and we are on hand to give you the right advice, provide you with the best cover and at the best price for that cover.



FACT!    Did you know that that Life cover costs have reduced significantly in the last decade?

When did you last review the life assurance policy/policies you have?

In a lot of cases we have been able to save people money or get them more cover for the price they are currently paying because of these reductions.

Complete the form to the left and let us see can we save you money on your life assurance policy!!

Some tips

•It is so important for families to have extra cover in place to avoid any financial hardship an unexpected death can bring to a family.  Unfortunately 72% of Irish families have no extra cover over and above what is in place to cover their mortgage.  Are you in this bracket?  If so please contact us, a little extra cover is better than none!

•If you have taken out a policy with a bank or building society, the chances are you were advised to take out a policy with a company that they were tied into.  Reviewing this policy can lead to a saving or better still extra cover for your family at the same price.  Talk to us today. Complete the form to the right and let us come back to you.


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