We have 3 interesting calculators for you to use. 

  1. Pension Calculator - This allows you to ascertain how much you need to save based on your age, the current value of your pension fund and the age you wish to retire at. The earlier you start your reirement plan the cheaper it will be to reach the target fund you require. A pension is simply a savings plan that will allow you to retire at some time in the future. 
  2. Life Cover Calculator - Have you ever asked yourself the question "how much life cover do I need?" With this simple calculator you will get the answer instantly.  The starting point is the income you earn and how much your family would need if you passed away. Remember some cover in place is better than none at all!!
  3. Income protection calculator - Income protection is probably the most important protection policy anyone can have.  Your income is your biggest asset and it makes sense to protect it!  The max you can cover is 75% of your income minus the state invalidity payment if you qualify for it.  Tax relief is allowed against the premium you pay making this very affordable.

* Please note that you should contact us to get a quote because these calculators only quote one company. As independent advisors, our job is to advise you on the right plan which will be based on what is available in the market today.