Market leading deposit rates available through Flanagan Ford Financial Advisors.

We are delighted to announce that we have been able to obtain deposit agencies with some of the market leaders for deposit rates in Ireland.

We now have agencies with the following institutions.

  • EBS
  • AIB Direct Deposits
  • Investec Bank
  • PTSB
  • KBC Bank
  • Leeds building society (agency will be in force shortly)

We can currently offer the following market leading deposit rates for you:

  • KBC Demand Smart Access 3.25% (instant access account)
  • KBC Bank 12 month fixed rate 4.15%
  • KBC Bank 14 month fixed rate 5.00%
  • EBS 15 month fixed rate 5.00%
  • Investec Bank 18 month fixed rate 6.85%
  • EBS 4 year fixed 17.00%
  • EBS 5 year fixed 27.63%

We can ensure that when your deposit matures we will source another market leading deposit rate for you and not just focus on one institution. Why don’t you call us today and use Flanagan Ford ltd as your deposit advisor?

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