Flanagan Ford Sponsor the Dip in the Nip

Flanagan Ford Financial Advisors are the 1st Corporate Sponsor of the Dip in the Nip.

The Dip in the Nip was started in 2009 by Maire Garvey when she organised the first event which was exactly what it says in the heading, a skinny dip into the Atlantic Ocean. The money was raised for the Action Breast Cancer programme of the Irish Cancer Society.

So far there have been 3 Dips in the Nip and a total of €177,000 raised as a result. The beneficiaries of the Dip in the Nip to date are, The Irish Cancer Society, The Oncology unit in Sligo General Hospital and the Cancer Education and Research Trust in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.

We are delighted to be associated with such a worthy cause in the research and fight against cancer. Our aim is to hopefully provide enough financial support by way of an annual donation to the Dip in the Nip in order to hopefully cover the ongoing running costs of the charity. We have already started this process by providing an office space for the Dip in the Nip. We would ask the help of any “Dipper” or supporter of the Dip in the Nip to contact us for any of your Life Assurance and or Serious Illness needs. We will make a sizeable donation as a result of you doing this cover though our office. We have negotiated a very competitively priced product for supporters and their families of the Dip. Even if you have cover in place contact us on 071 9159222 and mention the Dip in the Nip, we might just be able to save you money and donate to such a worthy cause.

Cancer as a condition affects so many and sufferers can incur significant costs as a result of a cancer diagnoses. Please contact us to get information and quotes on suitable life assurance and income protection schemes. We sell peace of mind, peace of mind that if a condition like this happens to you, you will not have the burden of financial stress to contend with. You can then concentrate fully on getting better.

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