Sligo claims data reveals Cancer the biggest cause of death.

  • Over €1.9 million paid out in Sligo in respect of 36 death and specified illnesses cover claims in 2014
  • Cancer was the biggest cause of claims in Sligo
  • The average age of death in Sligo for Life Insurance Claims was 56 years and 48 for Specified Illness claimants.

These are facts and figures just released by one of Ireland’s leading life assurance companies.

Here is a brief summary of the claims that Irish Life paid out on in 2014.


  • 2 out of 3 death claims were for men.
  • Largest claim for life cover for men was €1.5m while for women it was €530,000.
  • 18% of claims for men were heart related while it was 9% for women.
  • 4 in 10 claims for men were for malignant cancer.  For women it’s a lot higher at Over 1 in every 2!
  • 70% of road traffic claims were for men while just 25% were for women.

For Specified Illness Claims

  • Almost 60% of all claims were for men and 40% for women.
  • The largest claim for men was €655,000 and €540,000 for women
  • 31% of heart related claims came from men and only 7% from women were heart related claims.
  • Malignant cancer claims accounted for 1 in every 2 claims for men and 3 in every 4 for women.
  • Over 2/3rds of claims were between the ages of 41 and 60.
  • The biggest causes of malignant cancer claims for men were (1) Prostate (2) Leukaemia & (3) Testicular
  • The biggest causes of malignant cancer for women were (1) Breast (2) Colon & (3) Lung.

Call us today on 0719159222 to either review the cover you have or take some out.  It’s very important to have extra cover if you have a young family dependant on you.

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