Introducing Best Doctors

Being diagnosed with a serious illness would be an emotionally overwhelming experience if it happened to you.  You would no doubt have many questions like, Is the diagnosis correct? Will the treatment be right? How will I know?

One of Ireland’s leading insurers has just given access to Best Doctors under their Life Assurance and Mortgage Protection products. Previously this was only available on their serious illness contract.

What is Best Doctors?

Best Doctors creates a unique healthcare experience to  clients by providing to them,  access to the worlds best medical experts.

What does Best Doctors do?

Best Doctors provide independent and objective medical information, advice and recommendations from leading medical experts, helping to ensure your diagnosis is accurate and that you are aware of the most appropriate treatment options available. The information is completely confidential and is provided directly to you.

Benefits of Best Doctors to you:

When you have an important decision to make about your health, or the health of your family, you have many questions:

  • Is my diagnosis right?
  • Is my medication right for my condition?
  • Is surgery my best option?
  • What is the best treatment?

Or may be undergoing treatment, but your condition is not improving.

Best Doctors will identify a world-leading specialist who will undertake an in-dept review of your original medical documentation, ensuring your diagnosis is accurate and helping you understand the most appropriate treatment options available to you.

How does the process work?

Best Doctors is an easy-to-use, confidential service that begins with a phone call. The service is convenient because you can do everything over the phone instead of having to make a trip to your doctors surgery.

Are there any additional costs associated with the service either for the company or me when accessing Best Doctors services?

There are no additional costs. Best Doctors funds the cost of the service as well as arranging for the collection, return and assessment of all relevant medical documentation.

Can I or my family use the Best Doctors service for a condition that was present before I took out my policy?

Yes. Pre-existing conditions are not excluded.

The service is available to

  • you
  • your spouse/partner &
  • your children up to age 18 (or 23 if in full time education)

and remember best doctors can be used for conditions diagnosed before you took out your policy!!

Call our office today on 071 9159222 to get more details.  You should review your existing mortgage protection or life assurance to avail of this extra peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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