Thought you couldn’t afford serious illness cover?

It’s a common misconception that serious illness is extremely expensive. What if I
were to tell you that just over €40 per month you could protect you and your
family quite comprehensively? Let me give you an example!

We have just written a case for a 36 year old male client which offers €75,000 serious
illness cover.

Some statistics relating to serious illness cover and claims can be quite harrowing.

  • Figures released from Irish Life reveal that there has been a 70% increase in serious illness claims since 2001 from 356 to 606 claims, with the average claim increasing from €38,872 to €68,408 in that same period.
  • Irish Life covered 36 conditions in 2001 and in 2012 covered 65, including 22 partial conditions.
  • New Ireland Assurance paid 85% of claims in 2012 for cancer and heart related
    claims, a percentage echoed in statistics issued by the CSO in the same year.
  • In 2011 Zurich Life Assurance reported that Breast Cancer was the biggest cause of female claims, accounting for 43% of all female payouts. Irish life paid out
    their largest claim in 9 years,€1 million, in 2012 for malignant breast cancer
    claim. These are startling realities.

So ask yourself…can you afford not to have this cover? For further details all us
on 071 9159222.



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