Income Protection – protecting you and your family

The image in the flyer below that we have created sums up the importance of having an income protection policy. How could you pay all your household bills and living expenses on €188 per week? You simply can’t.

Having income protection gives you and your family the financial peace of mind of knowing that at least 75% of your current salary will be paid to you until your 65th birthday at the latest.

You can tailor your plan to suit your pocket and we are on hand to help and advise you on the right plan for you.

A decision to do nothing about this is the wrong decision. A decision to examine if you can get it (certain occupations will exclude you from getting cover) and how much it costs is the right decision. Up to this point it has cost you nothing. Tax relief is allowed against the premium which reduces your cost.

The cost of not having this if an illness or injury strikes could be enormous. You would not drive down the road without car insurance why would you take the risk of having no income if you could not work???

Do not confuse or mix this with PPI (payment protection insurance) as they are 2 completely different products.

Make the right decision today and contact Ken for a specific plan to suit you @ 0719159222 or by email on

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